Saturday, July 22, 2006

Scenes from the Mall ....

Taking my daughter clothes shopping has never been easy.

When Kati was 4, my folks came to visit and bought her ooddles of cute "two piece to a hanger set" outfits.

I got a call one day at work, and J. is on the phone- totally exasperated - and Kati is screaming in the background. Was there blood ... was there exposed bone ... had he called 911 ...


J.: Talk to your daughter

K: <sniffle sniffle hiccup hiccup>

Me: What's Up?

K: daddy wants me to wear the purple flowers with the purple shorts and they don't match

Me: Honey, purple flowers and purple shorts match - its ok to put them on. Do it for mommy, ok?

K: Nooooooooooooo - they din't (she couldn't say didn't) come on the same hang-ore ....

So, from then on - everything matching went off the hangars at the dressing room, before they hit the sales bag.

Flash forward to age 13.

K: So, how do you like the capri pants mom ... dad?

Me: Well, they look kindof tight in the back .... honey?

J: They're gross. Take em off.

Brother: You look like a hobbit from middle earth Kate.

K: But, I like them .... <sniffle sniffle>

I'd love to hear some of your own "Scenes From A Mall" ... your comments always make my day!


Blogger Sheri said...

When my daughter was about 4 I was explaining to my mom these horrid spoiled rotten tantrums she would have. My mom, of course, doting grandmother that she was, told me I was exaggerating.

That is until she got a good look at one of the tantrums. Her words were something like: Hmm...I always hoped you'd have a daughter just like you.

Yeah yeah I just hope MY daughter doesn't have the emotional hormonal daughter just like her, WHY would I wish that one someone!?!?!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Everyday Mommy said...

This makes me praise the Lord that I have a boy! LOL!

10:26 PM  

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