Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen .. I hope!

Thirteen Things about My Week This Week

1. I figured out the mysterious "Bloglines", as in "I've added you to my Bloglines". Ok. Stop laughing, I may be a 72 on the Nerd scale, but I'm a 2 on the blogging scale. Either way- Bloglines are the best!

2. I figured out Bloglines Notifier. Ok - enough humiliation.

3. We planned out meals for the next two weeks and saved $100.00 on the grocery bill! We don't plan- we "free-shop". Throwwhat'ss good in the cart, and sort it out later. Very fun - very expensive.

4. The house got finished- unpacked and organized and cleaned (for the moment). In Bach family time, that is 6 months off the world record.

5. My teenage daughter has become very lovey-mommy. Now, she loves me, but she's 13. "Nough said.

6. We have lived through 4 dry, lightning storms with no fires. Considering we have 300 square miles burning nearby- that's a good thing.

7. We haven't fully had to pack the cars up for evacuation - yet - per #6. But we are really good at practicing!

8. I may be getting closer to getting on the transplant list. Found a new hospital, and could be on list by Halloween!

9. I've slept. Really good. All night.

10. I spent an hour on my Works for Me Wednesday, to have Blogger eat it.

11. I woke up to 6 beautiful bucks, with their fuzzy antlers, eating outside our kitchen window the other morning. And couldn't find the digital camera.

12. We rolled down our driveway, which is scary-steep and 1/4 mile long, with no engine on, creeping with the emergency brake - just so we didn't scare a couple of yearling deer who were grazing on the hill. And watched them laugh at us -- a Land Rover is really hard to miss when it rolls by you.

13. I met new friends and found great encouragement through reading how others are doing, through my Bloglines. And that is a wonderful thing.

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Anonymous Ridzuan said...

haha...i have no idea what blogline is...I'm going to find out about it now... 8p

~My TTs up ~

2:02 PM  
Blogger Natsthename said...

I have to figure out Bloglines, too. So many things to learn!

Good luck making new blog friends! :-)

4:36 PM  

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