Monday, July 17, 2006

Urgent: Need All Mommy Prayer Warriors!!

Gwyneth is the grand-daughter of a friend, Lynne. Her parents are Aaron and Rebecca - Aaron is in the service, and I believe about to be shipped back to Iraq.

Rebecca is almost 2 (October) and has been having Grand Mal, Petite Mal and Myclonic seizures. This has been an ongoing issue, although I'm not sure of the root cause. If I remember everything, she lost her ability to speak and they taught her sign language which she picked up very quickly!

She is back in the hospital, in San Antonio, and the tests are not encouraging for many reasons. Based on her current size and weight, surgery is not advised, but there may be no options at this point.

Please be praying for God's Grace for everyone involved, including the Dr.'s and medical teams around the country who are tag teaming in the treatment of this little angel.

Thanks to everyone. I will update as I hear more in the coming days.


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