Friday, July 21, 2006

Update on Baby Gwen..

Wow- so many of you have emailed about Baby Gwen. I know the family is so appreciative.

Here is the latest, in layman's terms ...

Gwyn had surgery Tuesday so they could do a full spinal tap, in a desperate effort to find the root cause of the seizures. If I get it all right, here is what they found:

1) She has a "malaria" type virus. It's biological, but not actually malaria. There is some long, medical name for it I don't remember. When her immune system goes down, it flares up and causes the seizures.

2) She has an immune issue, that currently cannot be controlled - so #1 flares up and #2 cannot control or fight it.

3) There is some level of something that needs to be at 100, in order to control her seizures and they cannot get her past 53.

4) She will not eat, take a bottle. She is on IV for nutrition, and Grandma said she is paper thin, gray and weak.

At least now, I think, they have information they can use to treat her. But, I'm not sure.

I haven't heard anything over the last 48 hours. I Will update here once I do, and I know they all covet your prayers.


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