Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tag, I'm IT ??? (or Things I Cannot Do)

Jules tagged me for this .. it took some thought. Not that I don't have things to list ... nuh uh.

I had to pare down the list so I didn't bring Blogger down and incur everyone wrath ... so here goes ...

Things I Cannot Do

I cannot "not" sing along to anything playing somewhere .. I sing in the car, hum in stores, humiliate my family at every possible chance (although I do sing well)

I cannot draw anything that doesn't look like anyone over 2 years old drew it

I cannot make decent grilled cheese sandwiches (I know, utter failure as a mother)

I cannot do a back-dive into the pool

I cannot coordinate things in my house well - not at all

I cannot sit in traffic calmly

I cannot sit still or be quiet or not talk or ... or ... or ...

I cannot stand to see people with their kids not in car seats

Ok, your turn :)

TAG... you're IT!

Leave your comments below and let's get to know each other :)


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