Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why Today is SOOOOO Cool!

Thirteen Things about WHY TODAY IS SOOOOOO COOL!

1…. Final Word Today: On August 1st, I'm changing things in the dialysis department! I will no longer be on manual exchanges every day, tied to a chair 4x a day for 45 min at a time, every 2 hours.

2. I will hook up to a machine at home for 10 hours a NIGHT and then be FREEEEEEEEEE all day long~

3. I will no longer have cap off after an exchange and yell RUN to the family so we can get to the car, load up, get to town, shop at top speed (I have a 12 and 13 year old - enough said), find the fastest line (which promptly comes to a dead halt, like magic), run to the car, throw everything in the back (more eggs and bread have lost their lives since May 8, 2006), raise back to the house within 2 hours from takeoff, hook up, drain, fill and yell RUN and out the door and and ... whew! ... I think you get the idea ... did I mention it takes 20 minutes each way with NO traffic just to get to town?

4. At $2.86/gallon for gas, I may be able to feed my kids again - without all the one-stop / home / another stop / home - errands style ... just kidding mom ... they eat ... and they love that mac 'n cheese ... hehe

5. I will lose 7 pounds, overnight - hehe, because I will no longer carry 7 pounds of dialysis fluid in my belly 24/7 -- cool. cool. cool. cool. c.o.o.l.

6. I will be able to take loooooooong , relaxing day-trips with my family this summer!

7. I will lug a 30 lb machine to CA, in my carry-on ... both ways ... up hill ... in the snow ... on business ... twice a year and LOVE IT!!!

8. I will read more books in bed.

9. Because of #8, I will give more books to the library once read, rather than have to beg hubby not to throw them out - cause I will get TO them now!

10. I will be forced to rest, in bed, at night and may get some actual sleep (instead of staying up til 2am on the 'puter)

11. I will be a nicer person, thanks to #10. Sleep-deprived ain't a pretty color on me.

12. I will not drink Diet Coke. Yet. But I will. Count. On. It.

13. I. Will. Live.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Oh my word! You crack me up - why? Cause my husband is living with peritoneal dialysis too. His kidneys failed in January. So we relate!
I can't wait tell he comes home so I can share this TT with him!

His hook-up and 20ft tether has gotten out of SO MANY middle of the night child duties I can't even say!
One more thing . . .about #15, the doctors told him that most gain weight because it is a glucose solution that is in your system. And slowly the kilos are going up - so hubby would up the potency of the solution to maintain his "ideal" until he almost "sucked himself dry" and started having scary fainting/low blood pressure spells cause he was SO DEHYDRATED! I told him "honey, you can't blame it on water weight anymore!"
And shame on him, he drinks coke still.
But yes, you and he WILL.LIVE!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

WOW! small world ... and shame shame for the Coke! LOL. That phosphorous is a bugger.

I can't wait to start the new thing, as right now its 4 manual exchanges every two hours on the nose for 10 hours- then empty all the rest. What a way to live :)

Thanks for stopping bye and please keep in touch. I love your blog :)

12:11 AM  

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