Sunday, July 02, 2006

SO ... did I mention ...

By the end of this musing .. you will feed sooo much better about whatever happened to you today ... promise. Guaranteed. No boubt a-doubt it!

So ... did I mention ....

So, it all starts about 1am this morning. I wake up cause it's so hot ... can't breathe hot, in the bedroom. Quick check, half asleep -- fan's on, windows open, cold yummy breeze coming -- and I'm hot. And shaking .. chills .... darn! I hate chills.

Crawl out of bed, and look for the thermometer.

So ... did I mention we just moved?

Off I go .. I'm crawling around - in the dark, cause I have yet to memorize - in the daylight - where the light switches are, let alone - in the dark.

I fall over some boxes, step on a cat who promptly reminds me how unpolite that was and kick the wood stove- but find a lightswitch. Flip and ... dark.


Ok- dining room. There is one in the dining room. Grabbing the chair backs one by one, cautiously making my way around to table to the wall --

Nothing. No switch.

Kitchen -- a switch! Oops- garbage disposal. Ahhh - light!

Now -- for the thermometer.

After 40 minutes of stumbling around, clawing through boxes- success! And I confirm my biggest fear - fever. 101. Geesh --

So, pop some Tylenol grab some covers and try to sleep. Yeah, right.


So ... did I mention ...

This huge ruckus wakes me up- again --- screeching ... hollerin ... screeching ... more hollerin ... feet pounding .... claws grabbing for traction on the wood floors ... more hollerin ... doors slamming ... and there goes a black streak of fur followed by hubby with a death ray coming out of his eyes.

Seems our local herd of wild turkeys were out on the front walk and "feathered up" at the cat sitting in the window- which scares the cat, who jumps down and kicks off the hubby's head- who's sleeping (was sleeping) under the window sill, who runs after the cat in full "half-asleep stumbling blindly without his glasses" mode through the living room. She was saved purely because she could fit under Jonathan's bed -- and hubby couldn't.

After that ... I finally just give in and get up.


So ... did I mention ...

We have lived "in the country" now since about 2001- but we have lived "in the country" with "city - through the pipes, no questions asked, turn on the faucet and Lordy Mabel, we got liquid refreshment" water.

No longer - now we have a "cistern". If you're not familiar with a cistern, its a big tank sunk in the ground that doesn't fill up with water magically. Man. You have to pay attention to the level and call someone to h-a-u-l your water in a big truck and then fill'er up! Well ...

Hubby gives up on remodeling the bedroom wall with the cat, goes to make some cofee in the kitchen and sees this flashing light on the water tank console in the laundry room. OHHHHHH - that's what that's for .. I say .... rather increduously. Hmmm .. interesting! I'll have to remember that the NEXT time I see it ....

Oops --- we have an inch and a half of water left according to the magic stick that you put in the hole to tell you how bad things really are. Since Jonathan was the math whiz, we go to him to see how to figure out what the formula is for volume of a cylinder -- so estimate who can still get a shower today.

After 20 minutes of hilarity in arguing over "v= somthing" I sweetly look at my hubby and say -- "I know, I'll take a fast shower first ... then you can jump in. If the water runs out, you'll know we didn't have enough for two!" Death ray eyes again - wonder if the cat has room for me under that bed ... Geesh -- ya try to help ...

Well, with showers to take, things to do and it's a holiday weekend ...

oh, did I mention ... it's Sunday morning on a holiday weekend ... I'm calling water services and finally beg, plead and cajole someone to coming in tomorrow with 4000 gallons of water, at premium price I'm certain.

Mental note -- watch the light. Red light -- bad. Causes lose of humor in male-matrimonial partner.

I'm sure today will get better.

It can't get worse.

She hopes as she runs to hide under the covers


Blogger sarahgrace said...

Hi Kelli- I thoroughly enjoyed that post!

Welcome to the Captivating Group, btw!


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