Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Kelli

1. No old house - We finished moving out of the old house. Thank goodness -- handed over the keys and waved in the rear-view mirror!

2. Can't find the new house! ... in the last week, we have been able to clear a path from the front door to the bedrooms and the kitchen. I know the cats are here, the food bowls get emptied after fill them ...

3. Cats. Did I mention we have a litter that no one would give away -- so now we have "cats"? I truly think my husband changed the phone number after I called the paper. I went to CA for a week on business, and everyone of those little stinkers was here when I get back. Did I mention they like to hide behind the stacks of boxes and attack you as you walk by ... hehe

4. Rain. I love love love the rain --- can't get enough. Hate heat ... love love love the rain. We have been getting these luscious rainstorms complete with thunder and lightning every night.

5. Dog. Did I mention we have the first hybrid chicken / golden retriever. Wiley will get on our bed, when it rains, and hides under the pillows ... not his head ... all 80 pounds of his quivering flesh ... and whines ... it's hysterical. Especially to the cats, who sit and start with their little heads cocked to the side .... thinking... schemeing ... planning

6. Dialysis team. I have the absolute BEST dialysis team .. hands down .. don't even tell me that YOU have a better one. They return my calls promptly, listen to me, help me know when to panic and when not to and laugh at my stupid jokes. Everything is laced with humor - get over it -- it's who I am.

7. Humor. Humor gets me through the day ... even when I am stuck to the dialysis bag -- like I am right now while I type this. Cable guy comes in to setup the TV and looks at me, the bag, the pole and sortof stops. Looks. Doesn't know what to say -- so I pop of with, Hey - want to pull up a chair? I'm buying the first round...

8. Everday normalcy. -- ready to laugh? I still, well you know, uh - pee. ROFL --- when your kidneys are failing - you celebrate the little things. Went to the DR. laast week and she calmly stated "Your urinary output is amazingly strong" -- and we all whooped it up! So ... remember that the next time you ... well, ya know ... be thankful for the little things ...

9. Water. I hate water really -- truly, deeply, madly, passionately. But it's all I can drink. With lemon or without -- I now hate it.

10. Diet Coke. My life, love and "mister" of my soul (well, I can't very well have a mistress) ... and so totally OFF LIMITS to me now because of phosporous (the stuff that makes it dark), that I actually cried about it. Of all the issues I had to deal with, I cried - bawled like a baby - over no more Diet Coke. Sick - but true. Jobs will be lost ... countries will fall ..

11. Kati. She makes me laugh, she makes me proud. She has taken over so much without asking and her heart is huge. She loves the Lord sooo much.

12. Bumsch. He is the light of my heart and still lets me cuddle with him. He holds my hand in public and hugs me when he gets out of the car at school. He loves the Lord and still blushes and changes the channel when people start to kiss on TV. And he's 12.

13. Insurance and Medicaire. I just got the bill for the dialysis training and fell out of my chair. $5,000 for just 5 days of glorious retreat at Hotel Billings Clinic. And I didn't even get a mint on the pillow. oh- got a letter from the SS Administration yesterday that formally informed me, in writing, that they have determined I have potentially life-threatening kidney issue. Thanks for the heads up! Again - fell out of my chair laughin'. Whats with that. Seriously.

And that is this past week ... in a Thursday Thirteen minute :)

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Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Hi Kelli! I saw you on my comments and hopped on over to check you out (You know what I mean, your site:) ). Of all of your Thursday Thirteen, the diet Coke one stood out to me the most--isn't it funny, how in a crisis, something little can set you off, while you can still handle all the "big" things? I'm a diet Coke fanatic myself and would also cry--really hard--if I couldn't have it.

Are you waiting for a transplant? I don't know much about kidneys but am about to get an education this month; Addison has one that is in trouble, and we'll start doing tests and other things in a couple of weeks, to see what's going on. So when I pray for hers, I'll remember to pray for yours. :)

And by the way, I'll remember also to kiss the man when he comes home tonight, and tell him you told me to! He'll appreciate that!!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Okay, so I just scrolled through your earlier posts and realized that you ARE waiting for a kidney, so I'll add that when I pray for you! (And the Casting Crowns song? That's our song for Addison. Isn't is beautiful?)

9:01 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

I read your story of the cat-birthing and just had to get the rest of the story. Love it. Hope to link. Saw you on my site meter.

My TT is up.

3:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

you can have root beer right? My hubby says he can, it's the bean that give the phosporous according to him . . .if that's not the case he has a lot of 'splaning to do!

12:11 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

not sure -- I was told "anything dark" to avoid. so, i'm not stepping in the middle however, since RB is only tolerable with ice cream -- i'll probably stay away - darn. :)

12:15 AM  

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