Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3 Update

At the 2 week PD mark (PD is home dialysis) we received bad news. Dialysis was not working and my blood work was grossly in error. BUN and creatinine were the biggest offenders and needed to change if I was not to go on hemodialysis.

This would not be good for several reasons, the least amongst that I would not be able to work anymore and would have to be on disability until after transplant. I currently have the best job- I work from home in call center management, doing what I love, but remotely- so this is a great fit for me.

Well, we had our 4 week followup this pasat week, and found our the following:

  • BUN was 96, normal is below 18, and they wanted it to drop to 75 initially. It was 55!
    • BUN is the poison in the body, not processed out since the kidneys don't work
  • Creatinine was 8.6, and fell to 6.1
    • Another bad sign of poisoning
  • Anemia was 11.0, borderline and fell to 10.4- and stabilized. I will administer a weekly shot, but heck- thats ok
  • My blood pressure is averaging 121/80 or lower :)
  • I am off all medication except a Vitamin D supplent, as my body no longer makes it; a Renal Vitamin, to replenish what I cannot make; Iron, for anemia and Tums (yuck) to bind the phosophorous that I can't get rid of (no more Diet Coke- sigh)

Through all of this, we also received news that the temporary housing we have been in since returning from Oregon this past summer after dad had his homecoming, was on the market and we had to move wtihin 30 days.

God found and secured us a house on 20 acres in the mountains. in the same neighborhood as the dream home we gave up to be with mom and dad this past summer after his diagnosis, where the kids friends are ---- and since we both work from home now FT- we sit and look at three different mountain ranges while nestled amongst the pine trees. We are truly blessed.

I share this next piece with you -- I heard this song the first day of dialysis--- I claim it every day.

May God Hold Each of You in His Hand



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