Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our Journey to Transplant Has begun ....

So many of you are praying for us during this time, that I thought this would be the easiest way to give quick updates.

To recap - our journey began the beginning of this year, 2006, when I found out I was in kidney failure. A scary time, absolutely! But we have faith in God that he will keep us in His Plan.

I began home dialysis May 2006- after having a catherter surgically implanted in my abdomen. I do the "exchange" 4 times a day --- drain the sugar water dialysis fluid out, then fill back up with another 2500 cc of sugar water.

This allows the poisons to be processed out, and the extra fluid to be taken as well.

All of this, while we wait to get me on the transplant list at the Univeristy of Utah. They seem to have great success, shorter wait times. And, my nephrologist did some time there and has a relationship with the tranplant staff- always a PLUS!

So- in a nutshell - there it is.

Your prayers are coveted for several things:

  • Resolution in whatever way God sees to complete it
  • The eventual donor and their family - whether living or not
  • For the team that oversees my care: Dr. Heather MacGuire, Sharon, Tami, Diane, Connie not only for their oversight, but that God will touch them and show them His Greatness through all of this.
  • For our family - after losing two grandparents in the last year (John and I both lost our dads) and this, we have become stronger - but still struggle at times too
Well--- thanks for everything all of you! Keep in touch - we can be reached at or AIM jkbach.

Love to all ----

Kelli and the family


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