Friday, June 23, 2006

quick update!

Hi all -- saw the doctor today for the monthly catch-up. Things still look good all around which is amazing! we have to wait til Monday for some further results that didn't get done in time, but here are the main concern points right now in order of importance

* weight -- the dialysis solution is basically sugar water, and because of how I assimilate the fluid, I'm grabbing every calorie in that sugar there is to grab - putting me further away from transplant. It's plain frustrating to be honest. We will try new things in a week to offest with a new dialysis method, so keep your fingers crossed ...

* red blood cells -- if the oral iron doesn't kick in within the month, I'll need to start going in weekly for an IV infusion - yuck - but need to get the red cell count up. Its affecting the way I feel as far as energy (that and working 50+ hours a week and moving to a new house - lol)

Other than that - everyone is thoroughly please with the dialysis and how its going! SO thanks for your prayers everyone!!!

Once we get closer to meeting some of these goals, we can start testing donors for compatibility --- since my gfr (kidney function)is still holding up at the bottom end of Stage 4 Failure and not going to Stage 5 (the worst one), we want to transplant as quickly as possible, in the next year if possible!

Thanks again --- we really appreiciate everything that you all are doing to help )


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