Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jonathan - 12 years old - our State Robotics Champion

Jonathan and his 6th grade Gifted/Talented class at Canyon Creek participated in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Champiosnhip in Bozeman, MT in April. They took the Grand Championship Prize, the Director's Award --- we were extrememy proud of their accomplishment, but more so of their character displayed at the event which won them the prize, as well as the respect of the other teams and judges as evidenced by the official description of the award they earned:

The Director’s Award is the most prestigious award that any team can win. The Director’s Award celebrates the ultimate success of the FIRST mission and FLL Values. It measures how the children inspire and motivate others about the accessibility, excitement, and wonders of science, technology, and engineering while demonstrating respect, encouragement, and continued gracious professionalism. The winning team receives the honor of serving as a valued role model for FIRST and the FIRST LEGO League Program.

Teams considered for the Director’s Award are those that perform well in technical and team performance categories, which are equally weighted. Once teams are selected, judges review the results of the teams’ FLL Values Assessment interviews. Using this final parameter for determination, judges will decide which team(s) will receive this most coveted award.


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