Sunday, June 04, 2006

I have hope that they will be ok ---

We have hope in the midst of all this. I worry the most about the kids, having lost two grandparents in the last year, moving and leaving friends for awhile, me getting sick, etc. But Kati had to write a paper for her English final about “What I learned This Year in the 7th Grade” – and I was given hope. Hope that she will be ok, that God has His Hand firmly in her heart and that she trusts Him. I hope you take something away from it as well.




 What have I learned this year? Let me think about that. Academically, I have learned a lot. However, I have learned even more about my surroundings and the people who inhabit them.

            Assignments should be re-read before you turn them in, and asking a question does not make you second-rate. I’ve learned that history is not at all boring, but math is. I am exceptionally creative, and have enjoyed exploring different media in art. I’ve taken pleasure in the camaraderie of Study Hall, and the ongoing challenge of Mr. Jackson’s brain-busting riddles

            Socially, I’ve learned there are several types of animals in middle school. There are the predatory carnivores that tear into their prey at any chance they get.  They look for any opportunity to increases their existence by attempting to crush those they feel are inferior or weak. Then there are the omnivores, those who are decent and kind and will restrain themselves from eating you alive, but are still not friendly towards you or that sort of thing.  And finally, there are the herbivores, which are friendly towards you; they actually seek you out and enjoy your company.

            From my mother, I have learned that you can tell a lot about a child’s upbringing by their attitude towards others, especially other children. Also, people who take more pride in their appearance or status, but not in their studies, have been raised to understand that looks will get you everywhere. I have developed somewhat of sympathy for these people, because without a proper education, most will not go as far as they could. Although Bill Gates did not complete his college education, and is the richest man alive today, he has demonstrated that continuing to learn and take risks is the key to success.

            My paternal grandfather, a successful physician, taught me (by example) that you should not be a horrible person and wait until the end to gain acceptance and forgiveness from those closest to you. You end up alone, with nothing to make you happy, even if you have all the money in the world. Live your life with no reason to feel regret.

            My maternal grandfather’s legacy was that God makes miracles. At 23, he attempted suicide, but the gun failed to go off. At that moment, he decided to get his life together, became a man of the Lord – with the mentality that, if that didn’t work out, he could always try it again. He never did, and ended up living a long and happy life. He was a man of mercy and grace, whose life was an example I hope to emulate.

            From my father, I’ve learned that people are like cats. If you treat them well, you have made a loyal friend for life.

            Lastly, from myself, I have discovered something about myself this year as well. I am too blunt for my own good, and that trait can make me either extremely annoying or a really good friend. The ability to tell someone that there are being stupid, I feel, is quite irritating, but at times, can be very necessary.

            Even though I’ve learned such an enormous amount this year, there are alot of things that I wish I could’ve mastered as well.

            I wish I could have learned how to take better care of myself, and how to control my feelings. I want to be more responsible, and restrain myself from doing things I know I will later regret.

I wish that I had learned I have no control over the bad things that happen to the people that I love, such as them getting sick or dying. I want to learn how to accept help from others; I want to learn to grieve.  

I suppose one cannot alter their personality or nature unless they feel a large amount of motivation to do so. Even then, maybe it’s best that some people don’t change too much, for if they did, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore, but become someone else another person, possibly losing their better traits.

            In conclusion, I feel that one should continue learning, and live what they’ve learned. Keep that in mind, and you might become a contented person one day.




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