Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Random Thoughts from Our Corner of the World

1. God is awesome. Yeah- big news, I know. But, every once in awhile, He needs to remind us.

2. Food is good. Now that I am hoping going "on the list" soon, I need to buckle down and get in shape. So, I'm enjoying the yummy yummy bad food all I can until January 3. Diet buddies welcome! Just leave a comment below :)

3. Speaking of food, I learned that you don't eat the fire wings with chapped lips. Never.Not.A.Good.Idea.

4. Fire wings, however, are great for teaching dog not to beg.... moving on

5. My daughter is a master-Christmas-decorator-in-the-making. She took over all the decor plans for this year, and did an amazing job. Considering I was never allowed to touch the tree- past putting it together and getting the lights on until I was married and had my own tree -it's a step in breaking-the-cycle that our family truly needed. (note- I still had to get the tree up and the lights on. That may never end.)

6. BooMama's Tour O' Christmas was a huge success - and if you haven't been through it all, click here and have a big jug of coffee ready. Some amazing stuff out there. And I'm stillllllll looking.

7. Addison is eating Cheerios. May not seem like a huge thing, but it will be once you go here and read her story!

8. I'm finally getting caught up on my favorite Blogs. I only have, hmmm, 300+ left to read. I feel soooo behind on everyone's lives right now.

9. I finally took the plunge and went over to the new Blogger. So far, so good. And, I can comment on those blogs that were in beta I couldn't beforehand. So, warning! Danger, Will Robinson! I'm coming, I'm commenting and I'm on my way to your blog!

10. Jonathan and Kati are both homeschooling now, so life got busy after my "retirement" from work the first of November. It's a hoot, and we are having fun. Yes, I do believe I used the words teenagers and fun in the same paragraph. Wow.

11. I'm attempting to make a "Paula Deen" Christmas this year. Everyone revolted and wanted ham- so no Prime Rib for me :( I have never cooked a ham, in my life). So, I dug up the Paula Deen website and figured- heck! Might as well make an entire dinner from scratch- not one recipe I have ever made before.

12. This may be the year the family kicks me to the curb. Referring to #11. I adamantly bought no "backup food". It's all in and all out. Should be fun. And may solidify the prime rib back to the menu next year- hehe.

13. I want to wish you all the very best, most wonderful and blessed Christmas ever this year. May the joy of this season surround each of you and yours throughout the coming year.

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Blogger Barb said...

Kelli! You did NOT give your poor dog fire wings! Did you? Because, um, yeah, that would stop the begging, but still.

This cracked me up. I so, so love hearing you so happy and cheerful. Amazing what a few hours in a tube will do, right?

Oh what a wonderful year 2007 is going to be for you. I can't wait!

Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.

12:02 AM  
Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

My Aunt Barb can't say a word about the wings--she Febrezes her dog! And don't think I'm not going to try the wings thing--if those don't work, I'll try Hot Tamales:)

Thanks for the link to Addie. And if you look closely at the tree in the picture on my newest post, you'll see a little kidney on it:)

9:46 AM  

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