Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sing a song of Fall ...

7 more days to school starting!! Woohoo :)

As usual, we are in last minute mode. I am really lousy about getting things done with school is coming back in session. Yes, I am the mom out there the week before scavenging through for supplies and clothes. Every kid's worst nightmare!

Well, here we are- one week and counting! And nothing, I mean nothing, is ready. The kids have gone from begging and pleading for us to go shopping, to now dropping Shopko ad circulars (with the appropriate items desired) circled in big red circles on my desk. And amazingly, every time I move one off, another appears in it's place. It's like the never-ending oil from the Bible. A true, kids-style miracle.

I always loved going back to school. Lord knows I had to change schools enough, I should have hated it. But, I really didn't. Except for 4th grade. Oh boy- 4th grade. It was the year-that-mom-decided-we-should-have-matching-haircuts for-back-to-school. It was when really short boy-cuts with huge, poufy tops was in.

I was in the 4th grade, for crying out loud. I went to school and cried in the bathroom for the whole day, then wrote a note and said I was sick. Did I mention I got busted? Yep. Busted. I took a kerchief to school with me and and wore it every day after that. I was mortified.

But, things eventually settled down, and the hair grew out. And I never had short hair again. If it doesn't at least touch my shoulders, it doesn't happen. Pretty, pretty hair. Ah, the scars of childhood ...

New friends, new teachers, new events, new things to learn. Fall is in the air (well, at least according to the calendar) and winter is coming.

Almost makes you want to be a kid again .... doesn't it?

What was your favorite back to school memory?


Blogger Barb said...

For me, at that age, it was bobby socks so new they didn't need rubber bands to hold them up, brand new penny loafers and all the wonderful new school supplies, especially crayons and paste. New Crayons and paste are still two of my favorite smells. :-)

8:19 PM  

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